Figures add up for chartered accountants

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Qualified Chartered Accountants have an overwhelmingly positive outlook for 2015, new research reveals.

And the reason is clear – members of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants earned on average £58,646 in 2014, almost twice the UK national average salary. And more than 90 per cent of CIMA members and students now anticipate a pay rise over the next 12 months.

Most expect an increase by up to 3.9 per cent but six per cent of members report an anticipated salary rise of nine per cent or more.

These figures contrast with the Bank of England’s forecast of a mere 1.25 per cent increase in average earnings in 2014. In the North West qualified CIMA members earned an average £54,113 in basic salary plus £4,533 in bonus totalling £58,646.

The CIMA says the survey underlines the financial benefit of the CIMA qualification.

Andrew Harding Managing Director of CIMA, said: “In contrast to the overall trend of weak wage growth in the UK, CIMA members and students are showing increasing optimism over pay.

“The 2014 survey shows that more members and students anticipate salary increases compared with last year. Our new online salary calculator will help members and students explore the salary findings in greater depth.”