‘Fewer people in full-time work than 2007’

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The share of jobs in the North West accounted for by full-time employees fell during the recession and has failed to recover across the region, according to new analysis published today by the TUC.

The analysis shows that in the North West, the labour market share of full-time jobs was 66 per cent in 2007 but fell to 64 per cent in 2014. This is equivalent to a shortfall of 71,000 full-time employee jobs, according to the TUC. This is the highest of any region outside of the South East.

The North West TUC believes that both part-time and self-employment are important options for many people. However, despite recent economic growth, the number of part-time employees across the UK who say they want full-time hours – 1.3 million people – is still twice what it was before the recession.

The North West TUC believes that the rise in self-employment is at least in part a result of people being unable to find jobs or being forced into “false” self-employment

North West TUC Regional Secretary Lynn Collins said: “While more people are in work there are still far too few full-time employee jobs for everyone in the North West who wants one.”