Festive jobs boost for town

Business news from the Lancashire Evening Post
Business news from the Lancashire Evening Post
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More than 50 jobs have been created at Chorley’s Market Walk shopping centre this Christmas.

Centre bosses say the positions have already been snapped up as traders try to cope with the festive shopping rush.

One store has taken on 15 extra temporary workers, another 10, one six and another four.

Market Walk manager Sandra Hawkins said: “It shows how important the retail sector and Market Walk is for providing jobs in the town of Chorley and the surrounding area.”

The Card Factory took on the 15 extra staff.

Manager Julie Topping, said: “We have got several temps who have come back to work with us for the second or third year running. It is valuable work for them in the run up to Christmas. Because they have worked for us before, I know they are reliable and can be trusted so I keep asking them back.

“Not only is it a good way to earn some extra, much-needed money at this expensive time of year, it is also a great way to earn retail experience.

“It is the experience of working with the customers and dealing with different problems. These are useful skills which you could transfer to other jobs.

“Our store is bursting at the seams with customers at this time of year.

“It really is very hectic so if our temp workers can cope with the job now, then I would say it would bode well for a future in retail too.” Worker, mother of three and grandmother Jill Taylor, 49, said: “For me, it is valuable extra money at Christmas and I wouldn’t like to be without it. My husband works in the building trade and his work tends to slacken off at this time of year so it is very handy for me to be able to come back to The Card Factory and top up our income.

“Christmas is an expensive time and we all want to spend a little and enjoy it so my wages are really helpful. It makes a real difference to me and my family. It’s a great team and we have a laugh together so I really enjoy being in the thick of the Christmas rush.”

Sandra Hawkins added: “Christmas is such a busy time and it brings job opportunities too and this can be a bridge to full-time employment because these positions can lead to careers.

“They are an opportunity for many people, often young students and school-leavers, to gain work experience in the retail sector and to earn much-needed cash.

“Often hard-working temporary staff can impress their employers so much they either get taken on permanently come January or they’re first in line when the next full-time post becomes available. It shows how important the retail sector and Market Walk is for providing jobs in the town.”

B&M Bargains took on 10 extra staff, New Look six and Boots four.