Doors shut at luxury outlet John Preston's Pools

Shutters appear to be permanently down at John Prestons on London Road
Shutters appear to be permanently down at John Prestons on London Road

Preston’s award-winning swimming pool and spa distributor has closed its doors after 18 years of business in the city

John Preston’s Pools & Spa Services, based at Olympia House on London Road, has appeared to cease trading from the site.

Documents acquired from Companies House show that in June, the pool and hot tub suppliers filed for insolvency and agreed a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA).

A CVA is an agreement with creditors to repay monies that have been delcared as being owed.

Companies House documents also reveal that £224,500 was declared by John Preston’s Pools as owed to HMRC. A further £7,057 was also declared as being owed to Rotherham-basd On-Site Pool Linings Ltd.

The CVA was supervised by Jonathan Taylor of Burnley and Leyland-based insolvency practitioners TH Financial Recovery. Mr Taylor has since informed The Post that the CVA arrangement no longer exists.

Mr Taylor said: “The CVA agreement was signed in June but since then the arrangement has been terminated by myself for reasons that cannot be publicly disclosed.”

The termination of the CVA arrangement has left creditors able to reclaim monies delcared as owed through different pathways.The Post visited London Road at 3:30pm on Monday to find the building closed and unoccupied.

Attempts were also made to make contact with the business but no response was gained from any company representative.