Dinckley Bridge: This is when the repairs to footbridge over the River Ribble will be competed

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Work to repair an historic, storm-damaged bridge is set to be complete around the middle of March.

And once finished, the pedestrian footbridge at Dinckley Bridge at Hurst Green will be a great help for people with pushchairs or wheelchairs thanks to the construction of a ramp.

A ramp will be included in the work to repair Dinckley Bridge

A ramp will be included in the work to repair Dinckley Bridge

The bridge over the River Ribble was badly damaged by Storm Desmond back in 2015 when flood waters buckled the upper part of the 1951 structure.

Work started in July and since then repairs have been carried out to raise the structure of the bridge above the height where it could be affected by flood waters in future.

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council, said: “We’re expecting to be able to open the new Dinckley Bridge around the middle of March as the project has been extended to allow for the construction of a pedestrian ramp at the north end of the bridge to ensure it is fully accessible to everyone, including people using wheelchairs and pushchairs.

“The original design included footsteps at the north end, but as the project has progressed we’ve modified the design to include a ramp.

“We’ll let people know when the bridge will open, however, there will still be some work left to do to restore the surrounding land, which has been needed for access during construction.”