Diabetes expert sets up own firm

Focus: Maureen Chadwick
Focus: Maureen Chadwick
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Diabetes expert Maureen Chadwick is helping patients to get the care they deserve – by launching her own business Diabetes Complete Care UK.

Maureen decided to go it alone after 38 years of NHS nursing, ending up as one of only 30 Diabetes Nurse Consultants in the UK.

The Preston-based business offers everything from one-to-one patient advice to masterminding multimillion pound diabetes care strategies.

Maureen said: “Diabetes is the UK’s health ticking time-bomb – Diabetes Complete Care UK can help to defuse it.

“When carefully managed, diabetes need not define you and Diabetes Complete Care UK believes this.

“Our focus is about putting the management of diabetes care back into the hands of those living with the condition. This does not necessarily mean just for patients but also making sure support is there for main carers of the vulnerable.”

GPs and Clinical Commissioning Groups will utilise Diabetes Complete Care UK in bridging the gap between primary care services and those older people living in nursing/care homes or housebound.

Maureen identified the gap whilst working as a diabetes specialist nurse within a GP practice, and when she subsequently held the position of the only Hypoglycaemic Research Nurse in the UK for Professor Jiten Vora at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.

Maureen saw first-hand how vulnerable older people with diabetes were and has set up Diabetes Complete Care UK to help those often forgotten patients.

The firm says it will help cut the cost of unscheduled care by putting quality care and assessments in place. It will identify patients unable to attend for long term screening and visit them at home.