Debate rages over fracking lorries’ new planned route

A lorry stuck at Broughton crossroads recently
A lorry stuck at Broughton crossroads recently
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A debate is raging after fracking firm Cuadrilla revealed a possible new lorry route through the Lancashire countryside.

It has emerged that one of the proposals to tackle objections to its plans to frack at Roseacre Wood, near Elswick, is to bring traffic in through Broughton and Woodplumpton, near Preston.

And the move has sparked a lively debate amongst residents, local councillors and Lancashire Evening Post readers.

Lancashire County Council’s development control committee adjourned its decision for at least eight weeks on Wednesday after Cuadrilla asked for time to address concerns about noise and traffic movement in and around its two proposed sites.

The gas exploration firm says in its letter to Woodplumpton Parish Council that its alternate route for HGVs inbound to the Roseacre site would be from Junction 1 of the M55 and along the B5269 via the A6.

Preston councillor Tom Davies said the idea of routing heavy traffic via the already-congested Broughton traffic lights junction was a non-starter.

Coun Davies, who said he supported fracking in principle, said: “The road through Woodplumpton isn’t fit for purpose for those wagons. The idea of vehicles going through Broughton and Woodplumpton is a nonsense.”

Evening Post reader James 24 said on our website: “They (Cuadrilla) are clearly stalling for time and will no doubt come up with another alternative when they are rumbled again. Their failure was to allow the parishes of Broughton and Woodplumpton the opportunity to comment.”

Frenchwoody said: “Where do the trucks go after Preston? Remember that they will be transporting low-level radioactive and chemical liquid waste. What are the emergency plans for the inevitable rush hour accident involving toxic waste?”

But Captain Duff said: “Oh dear, more alarmist nonsense. I honestly don’t know how we managed to ever build a single factory in this country!”

Tigger 1200 said: “Just how many wagons are we talking about? Most estimates I can find talk in the region of five million gallons per frack process, per well. “

Cuadrilla has said it is confident it can address councillors’ and residents’ concerns relating to both sites.

The committee will meet again in about another eight weeks.