Cyber crooks make it personal

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This time it’s personal.

That will be the motto of 2015 as cyber-criminals are predicted to become more selective in the way they target victims.

According to Martin Tyley, head of KPMG’s cyber security practice in the North, the next year will see criminals move away from indiscriminate phishing tactics in favour of highly targeted ‘campaigns’ based on the data trail people leave in their online lives.

Martin says: “Over the past year, the ‘Internet of Things’ took its first tentative steps into the mainstream, but consumers’ willingness to adopt the latest trends have come at a price. Our desire for convenience has overtaken our desire to be secure, meaning that we can expect organised crime to find new ways to make money in our increasingly digitised society. It is possible that our willingness to share and shop online will let criminals become more selective about who they target. They won’t need to maintain the current ‘hit and hope’ approach of phishing, instead only attacking specific online profiles and computers based on the data these give away about their owners.”

Martin says this increase in criminal maturity will significantly impact business. The result will be a business world where cyber protection matures too.