Cooking up a storm with The Cake Box

The currently unoccupied 28 Church Street will soon be home to The Cake Box.
The currently unoccupied 28 Church Street will soon be home to The Cake Box.

If you’re partial to a sweet treat or two then you’re in luck thanks to plans for a new cake shop in the city centre.

The Cake Shop’s latest store is coming to town in the near future after council bosses gave landlords the go-ahead to covert the property into the confectionary chain.

Mr Razoul Majeid, of Malvern Avenue, is the man behind bringing the franchise to the city centre.

The 35-year-old said: “There’s nothing like this in Preston so we’re hoping it will kick off quickly.

“As well as that it will help re-vitalise the area of Church Street it is in going forward.”

Mr Majeid added: “If this goes well it’ll lead to expanding into other businesses in the area as well.”

The franchise will put up shop at 28 Church Street and employ between five and eight staff. Mr Majeid confirmed that once work in the property is complete it can open sometime in November or December.

The unit was most recently home to the Carers Trust, a registered charity that works to improve support, services and recognition for anyone living with the challenges of caring.

The property itself is owned by Mrs Cathy Tate of Farington-based Rimmers Music Ltd and used to be one of Rimmers Music’s many franchised dotted throughout Lancashire before it was home to the Carers Trust.

Martin Ainsworth of Preston-based planning agents HDAK said: “We have agreed to a letting to Mr Majeid who is setting up the cake franchise at 28 Church Street.

“The company is expanding to the area and we have done a deal that should mean that they are there soon.”