Christmas gifts could cause security problems

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Wearable technology, which is tipped to be the most popular gift for adults for 2014, is likely to cause data security headaches for Lancashire businesses in the new year, say experts.

The new craze for WiFi-enabled watches and jewellery is set to bring a host of problems – such as viruses and data leaks – into the workplace in January, which the majority of businesses are simply not prepared for, says data security expert Walter Rossi at business IT and telecoms provider the Daisy Group.

He said: “Many organisations’ IT teams are already struggling to deal effectively with the issues raised by people bringing their own personal mobile devices, such as tablets, to work.

“But there will be new and different problems to deal with as more and more people receive wearable technology 
as Christmas presents.”

According to Walter Rossi, there are a range of potential issues linked to wearables due to them not having the relevant software and controls installed.

One of the most serious risks is their ability to spread viruses and malware (software that is in many instances used by criminals to obtain valuable business information) which can be distributed through business networks.

To deal with the problem, he advises companies to consider locking down their business WiFi network for unknown devices and creating a “guest” and staff WiFi network that allow devices to work.