Cheques still popular with bill-paying Prestonians

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Preston residents prefer lower tech payment methods, according to figures released today by TV Licensing.

Last year 22,750 homes in Preston helped make up the 5.6m customers across the UK who received their TV Licence by email (elicence), a paperless way of paying for and updating their TV Licence account online.

However, TV Licensing also received nearly half a million cheques from customers, including 1,752 from Preston who preferred paying using the more traditional method.

These figures mean that Preston ranks 28th highest out of all UK cities and towns for online TV licence payments and 16th highest for payments by cheques.

Matthew Thompson, spokesperson for TV Licensing, said: “We would encourage our existing customers, as well as those buying their first TV Licence, to manage their licensing account and payments online. If you’re renewing your licence, it’s worth checking that you’re using the payment method that’s best for you.”