Business as normal as Scots reject breakaway

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Many Lancashire business people have heaved a sigh of relief that Scots voted not to become an independent country.

Derek Harris, of BES Utilities. Fleetwood, said: “As a Lancashire-based company, we are pleased that the Union will continue.

“It makes trade between Scotland and England that much easier and cheaper compared to having separate countries. It’s also a relief to know that we won’t have to negotiate the complicated energy implications from the vote. The UK’s energy market is already overly regulated and uncompetitive for new entrants, so trying to separate the Scottish and English energy markets would only have made things more difficult and expensive.”

The Scots voted by 55 per cent to 45 per cent to stay part of the UK.

John Longworth, director General of the British Chambers of commerce,said: “The people of Scotland have spoken.

“Their historic decision to remain part of the United Kingdom will be a relief to many businesspeople and a disappointment to others, but it was a decision for the Scottish people alone to make.

“The companies I speak to are clear that this cannot simply be the first in a series of referenda, until one side or the other gets the result that it wants. Business and investment prospects across the UK would be deeply hurt by a Quebec-style ‘neverendum’ – a lesson that politicians must heed.”