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Mayor of London Boris Johnson visited a Chorley business and hailed their recent success.

The politician visited Shackerley cladding company in Euxton, yesterday afternoon.

Boris Johnson at Shackerley

Boris Johnson at Shackerley

Mr Johnson chose to visit Shackerley after the company complete a number of successful projects in London.

The company has supplied its innovative cladding system for multi- million pound projects such as the Hilton hotel in Wembley, the Hilton hotel in Gatwick and the Paragon complex in Brentford.

Upon arrival at the Shackerley base on Wigan Road, the mayor was blown away by the size of the company and how much goes on.

He said: “This company is a fantastic example showing the deep links between London and the rest of the country.

“The scale of the ambition at this company is impressive and one thing they are doing is driving jobs all over the country.

“This is a great example of a Chorley business and they are soon to be moving overseas.”

Shackerley contribute nationally to the rail and tube systems.

They provide ‘tactile’ tiles which are used for alerting the visually impaired to the presence of hazards such as platform edges in stations.

Mr Johnson added: “Without this company providing these sort of tiles helping the blind and disabled we would struggle to run our transport system.”

Brian G Newell, Chief Executive of Shackerley, said: “We are absolutely delighted that Shackerley was specially selected for this high profile visit.

“It was a superb opportunity to show him how we have managed to make an impact in the worlds of architecture and construction across the whole of the UK - I was particularly pleased to reveal how many high profile projects we have.”