Adele parody video ‘Hello’ goes viral!

Amy Shaw filming for the video
Amy Shaw filming for the video
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A humorous parody video of Adele’s million-selling megahit ‘Hello’ – starring a Lancashire marketing boss – has gone viral.

Amy Shaw, 27, who only stood in for the role at the last minute, says she is stunned at how the unique version has taken off.

The Chorley woman, who works for Manchester-based graduate careers website GradTouch, is seen in the spoof video, desperately trying to get a job as she stalks a potential employer to take her on.

The video for the chart-topping 2015 hit song showed a heartbroken Adele searching for a lost love.

In place of Adele’s roaring chorus, the GradTouch version features the lyrics, “Hello from me I’ve applied”, and aims to capture the desperation graduates can feel throughout the cycle of applications, rejections and the sore loss of a student loan.

Head of marketing, Amy explained: “We had a couple of days free before Christmas and I wanted to make the idea a reality.

Amy Shaw in the video

Amy Shaw in the video

“Being a media-led company, I was lucky enough to have our media department at my disposal – and there was a special offer on wigs at the shop across the road.

“We rewrote the lyrics, recorded the song and spent a freezing day around Manchester making the video.

“We had an unfortunate incident with a dog relieving itself on some of our camera kit – and narrowly avoided a fall into the canal – but on the whole, it was great.”

Amy, who is buying a house in Whitefield, is currently living with her parents Ian and Rita on Southport Road, Chorley.

We rewrote the lyrics, recorded the song and spent a freezing day around Manchester making the video

Her father is a retired lawyer with Wigan Council and her mother is a bursar at Brownedge St Mary’s Catholic High School, Bamber Bridge.

Amy attended St George’s Primary School, Chorley, before moving on to St Joseph’s RC High School, Horwich. She then studied at Cardinal Newman College, Preston.

She completed a marketing degree in Wales and has enjoyed a thrilling career that has taken her to Melbourne, Cardiff and Northampton.

Prior to her recent move to GradTouch, she ran the marketing for Althorp in Northamptonshire, the Spencer family ancestral home.

Amy is really proud of the video.

“It’s fantastic,” she said. But she confessed: “I wasn’t supposed to play the main part. I got someone else lined up to do it, but a couple of days before they couldn’t do it.”

She’s been amazed too, at the huge amount of attention it has received.

“I was coming home, I got the Blackpool North train, two or three rows behind me a group of girls were playing the video full blast,” she said. “I thought, ‘That’s surreal’.”

She’s no stranger to performing, fondly remembering instructing her young classmates to participate in plays and songs she had written – staged most lunchtimes in the playground.

“It’s really nice to be back in Chorley,” said Amy. “I’ve lived so far away for almost 10 years so it’s lovely to have gravitated back up to the motherland. I’ve been overwhelmed by the response to the video and very humbled by the wonderful comments. I just feel sorry for everyone that’s been around me this week and been subjected to a running commentary about our view count increases.”

Responses on social media include “LOVE this - can totally relate!” – Nathasha Nutall (Youtube). “Probably should show this to employers” Ian Antonio (Facebook).

Watch the GradTouch video on their Facebook page - or search ‘Adele - Hello (from the graduate)’ on YouTube.