£30 green waste charge on the agenda

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Householders in Preston face being charged for having their green waste collected under council cutbacks.

As part of its cuts Lancashire County Council is pulling out of its cost-sharing deal with other Lancashire councils, which currently run the fortnightly collection free of charge.

All district councils across the county are now considering the financial implications of losing the county funding.

Today’s meeting of Wyre’s ruling cabinet was being urged to charge residents £30 a year to empty green bins to make up for the almost 
£1million lost due to the county’s withdrawal from the scheme.

Householders would be given the opportunity to opt into the £30 a year collection service; to dispose of their green waste themselves; or start composting.

Preston Council – which uses brown bins for green waste – will have to decide whether it can stand the loss of the county funding when it forms its budget in the coming months.

Blackpool Council is already set to scrap the fortnightly green bin collection.

A Preston Council spokesman said: “The green waste cost sharing scheme is pan-Lancashire and all authorities are aware of the withdrawal of funds from Lancashire County Council from April 2018.

“Councillors are currently considering the budget position for Preston.”

A report to today’s Wyre cabinet meeting says: “Wyre Council can choose to levy a charge for residents for the collection of green waste.

“A charge is already made by around a third of local authorities in the UK, including Pendle in Lancashire. Many districts in Lancashire are also considering introducing a charge to offset the loss of funding from Lancashire County Council.”

The report suggests introducing “a £30 per year subscription charge for a green domestic size waste bin collection”.

For each additional wheelie bin there would be a fee of £25 a year. There would be no reductions for part-year subscriptions.

The charges plan was being discussed in public at Wyre’s Cabinet meeting at Poulton civic centre today.

TaxPayers’ Alliance boss Jonathan Isaby said: “Waste collection is one of the most essential services a council provides. Introducing charges over and above their already punitive council tax rates means many taxpayers will feel they are paying twice for the service.”

UPDATE: We have corrected the above article to point out that green waste in Preston is collected in brown bins. Green bin collections are not affected. Sorry for the confusion.