Business earns customers’ trust by giving them solutions they need

Evolve Document Solutions Daniel Maddox
Evolve Document Solutions Daniel Maddox
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Evolve Document Solutions in Leyland offer digital imaging services with an extensive range of photocopiers, printers and scanners, which the 
company also maintains for its customers. Managing director Daniel Maddox and service director John Shiers talk about life at their growing business.

All successful relationships are based on trust, and businesses are no different.

Workplace Feature Evolve Document Solutions John Shiers and Daniel Maddox

Workplace Feature Evolve Document Solutions John Shiers and Daniel Maddox

That is why Daniel Maddox and John Shiers believe their partnership at Evolve Document Solutions has gone from strength to strength.

The company in Leyland supplies and services a range of multi-function photocopiers, printers and scanners.

Its satisfied customers include the likes of Marsden Rawsthorn solicitors, Busy Bees nurseries and Ashton Community Science College.

Daniel, 42, set up Evolve in October 2011, after 17 years selling and supplying photocopiers for another company.

Workplace Feature Evolve Document Solutions  John Shiers

Workplace Feature Evolve Document Solutions John Shiers

It was there he met John, 51, who had been with the firm for 30 years, repairing and servicing equipment.

Daniel says: “I set Evolve up with nothing – just some trust and great relationships with people I had worked with.

“John and I trusted each other implicitly. The main thing was that we could continue with everything we believed in that we had offered before, local, friendly, honest advice, in an industry where that isn’t always the case.”

Daniel had a five-year plan for Evolve, which he believes they will reach in September – two years ahead of schedule.

Evolve was also helped by a partner firm called KRL in East Yorkshire, and its managing director George Baker.

Daniel says: “He’s been like a mentor to me and Evolve. He supported Evolve from day one in setting up our equipment and handling our installations, which KRL still does.

“It gives our customers confidence that whatever job we come across, they know we can handle it.”

The duo operate out of an office in Golden Hill Lane.

Daniel says: “We’re big friends. I don’t see a lot of John because he’s always out in the field servicing the copiers, so we’re a bit like ships passing in the night. He comes into work in the morning and picks his clients up and off he goes.

“He’s incredibly honest and hard working – he’s the best mechanical engineer I’ve ever worked with. I want things doing straight away and he’s the calming influence!”

Daniel has always put an emphasis on “doing business for the long term” and “never for any short term gain” – “giving customers what they need and earning their trust”.

He adds: “Our strength is working in an industry where we feel passionately we don’t have to charge for everything.

“We give away more in terms of time, support and service than probably any of our competitors.”

John says the pair have very different personalities, but a shared business vision.

He says: “It’s funny because we’re a bit yin and yang, but we work really well together.

“We do have different ideas on some things, but the majority of things, such as the way the business is run, we’re bang on together.

“Having different ideas can help the business to progress.

“We always work out a compromise and when we’re putting our points across we can both see where the other one is coming from.”

John’s enjoys being the “forward face” of the business.

He says: “The relationships I have with customers are what we build the company on, because I’m the one who goes in if they have any problems and look after them.

“I enjoy meeting people and finding out what’s going on in their business. That’s really important to us.

“There is always a challenge.

“If you go to fix a problem you’ve never had before, you’ve got to spend some time and work it out, and resolve the issues. That’s rewarding and you learn from it.

“The customer wants you to walk in, say ‘I know what this problem is – in 20 minutes it will be up and running’.

“It’s surprising how photocopiers have become the lifeline of a lot of companies and if the second a copier doesn’t work all hell breaks loose!

“It’s important we get out to our customers in good time, have a speedy fix for them and keep them happy.”