Brexit blows up a storm in a Pot Noodle

Brexit is the Marmite of politics - you either love it or you loathe it.
Marmite - would you miss it?Marmite - would you miss it?
Marmite - would you miss it?

But if you shop with Tesco online, Britain’s proposed departure from the European Union has now sparked a storm in a Pot Noodle.

Dozens of famous brands are no longer available to online shoppers because of a row between the UK’s largest supermarket chain and the country’s biggest food and grocery manufacturer Unilever.

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Products from soap powder to sandwich spreads have been removed by Tesco from its website amid claims Unilever is trying to pass on a 10 per cent increase caused by Britain’s referendum decision to leave Europe.

With the pound having dropped 16 per cent since the UK voted for Brexit, Tesco is refusing to accept a price hike caused, say Unilever, by increased costs for imported products which are priced in euros and dollars.

Online customers are already affected. And there is a warning that certain brands could soon start to disappear from the supermarket shelves if the bust-up goes on for long.

So if you are a Tesco regular you could be facing a bleak future without Marmite on your breakfast toast, a Pot Noodle for your lunch, Colman’s Mustard with your dinner and Vienetta for pud.

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You may have to go without your favourite PG Tips brew, forego that Radox bath at the end of a hard day, forget splashing Brut all over - and goodness knows what will happen on washday without Persil, Comfort and Surf.

Here we list some of the well-known names dropped by Tesco. Tell us which favourites you couldn’t do without and why.

FOOD: Bertolli, Flora, Hellmann’s, Knorr, Magnum, Ben & Jerry’s, Carte D’Or, Cornetto, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Bertolli, Maille, Marmite, Solero, Stork, Vienetta, Wall’s, Bovril, Colman’s, Elmlea, Pot Noodle.

DRINK: Lipton, Lyons, PG Tips.

COSMETICS: Dove, Lynx, Sure, Brut, Tresemme, Timotei, VO5, Vaseline, Pond’s, Impulse, Radox, Simple, St Ives.

HOUSEHOLD: Comfort, Domestos, Persil, Surf, Cif.