BREAKING: Motorbike crash

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A biker escaped with minor injures after colliding with another motorcyclist today.

A Black Harley Davidson and a white Hyosung collided near the junction of Leyland Road and Golden Way, Penwortham at 1.46pm.

Luckily Penwortham fire crew were passing the scene and used their first aid kit to treat the injured motorcyclist before the ambulance service arrived.

A spokesman for the fire service said: “The Penwortham crew were on the same stretch of road were two motorcyclists collided.

“They made sure no hazards were on the road in terms of fuel spills or debris.

“They made use of their first aid kit that they carry to treat the biker before the Ambulance service arrived.”

Lancashire police were notified about the accident by the ambulance service and they said the biker only suffered minor injuries.