Brain tumour boy to start USA therapy

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BRAVE Ewan Bradley starts pioneering treatment for a brain tumour in the United States next week, knowing he could get the present of his dreams at the end of it.

Kind-hearted friends and neighbours in Preston have rallied round to make sure the youngster’s mum and younger brothers can fly out to Oklahoma to be with him on his 11th birthday.

Throughout this he never stops smiling and trying to help everyone else

Fiona Bradley

Ewan has been in the States with his dad Ben for the past two weeks preparing for proton beam therapy and is missing mum Fiona and siblings Scott, seven, and four-year-old Marshall “like mad.”

NHS funding for the nine-week trip would not cover the whole family and so hairdresser Fiona stayed behind to care for her two youngest at home in Nelson Crescent, Lea.

“It’s been heartbreaking not being able to be with Ewan,” she said. “But one of my clients, Sam Jones, heard what had happened and started the fundraising. The whole thing has been absolutely amazing.

“The fund has raised enough to make sure we can all go out there at the end of the month and be with him on his birthday on October 18. We are just waiting for the boys’ school to say it’s OK and then we’ll be on that plane.

“I can’t thank everyone enough. Ewan is really missing his brothers and his mum and we’re all missing him.

“He’s been so brave and it isn’t going to be easy for him when he starts his treatment next week - every day for six weeks. But knowing we are coming out will really give him a lift. We can’t wait.”

Ewan was diagnosed with a tumour last November, but surgery wasn’t 100 per cent successful. Now, with scans showing the tumour has made a slight progression, doctors have turned to the very latest proton beam therapy which is not yet available in the UK.

The treatment is the same that five-year-old Aysha King underwent in Prague last year, sparking an international man-hunt when his parents removed him from a hospital in Southampton and fled to the Continent. Aysha is now reported to have been given the all-clear.

“If we hadn’t done this then we were told that he could have chemotherapy, but that would only have a 30 per cent chance of working,” said Fiona. “We were given two weeks to decide and we really had no option.

“So far Ewan has had MRI and CIT scans and been moulded for a face protector. He’s now having what they call ‘seven days of fun’ before the treatment starts in the next few days.

“Everyone over here has been so generous. I couldn’t have done it without Sam and the rest of them. They have been an inspiration. One man, a complete stranger, heard the story and gave us a cheque for £1,500. Just like that.

“We’ve been told the doctors will only send patients out to the States if they think the condition is curable so that’s very encouraging.

“Ewan is an incredible boy. Throughout this he never stops smiling and trying to help everyone else.

“Bless him, he cried when he heard people had been fundraising.”

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