Book review: Angel by L A Weatherly

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Seeing an angel should be heavenly...so why is it hell on earth?

The first of L A Weatherly’s thrilling and much-anticipated teen trilogy is a celestial stunner, daring to clip the wings of the current angel cult and delivering something much more deliciously devilish.

Forget everything you’ve ever read about angels being all sweetness and light and instead picture them as terrifying vestal vampires voraciously feeding on the human energy of misguided mortals.

Such is the dystopian world conjured up in this mini masterpiece of supernatural sorcery in which the only good angel is a dead angel...

Angel fever is sweeping through America; thousands claim to have seen these intensely beautiful apparitions and there are packed houses at the newly formed Church of Angels.

The nation is truly blessed...isn’t it?

Seventeen-year-old Alex knows otherwise. He works as an assassin for the CIA and his target is angels.

Because renegade angels, which can appear both in human and celestial form, are enemy number one.

Resources are dwindling fast in the angel world, so an army of them has arrived on earth to gorge on the human life force. And mortals, intoxicated by the sight of an angel, have proved to be willing victims.

The Church of Angels has been infiltrated by human form angels, the CIA’s Angel Project has been hijacked and it’s only a matter of time before the entire human race is sucked dry.

Can anybody save the world?

As a secret AK (Angel Killer) who made his first solo kill at 12, Alex is bitterly aware how potently dangerous they are. His mother, father and brother lost their lives to angels; they bring only illness, insanity and death.

With cool precision, ruthless determination and a hidden semi-automatic rifle, he travels anonymously from one town to another, waiting for instructions for his next assignment.

Using his extra sensory perception, Alex has seen angels gorging on human energy, leaving victims with a deadly ‘angel burn’ that withers every cell in their body.

Nothing and nobody will get in the way of his mission to exterminate angels...until he meets Willow.

She’s 17, she’s beautiful, she’s caring and she has an incredible psychic gift, but she also possesses a secret that not even she is aware of...she’s half-angel.

And when their lives cross in the midst of battle, Alex must decide if there are some angels who deserve mercy...

Weatherly weaves a dark, atmospheric and addictive story full of epic adventure and spine-tingling suspense, and then spices it up with a heart-stopping romance that unfurls as gently as a good angel’s wings.

A fantastical flight of imagination that is heaven-sent for teenagers...

You can learn more about Weatherly’s sensational Angel book at www.angelfever.com

(Usborne, paperback, £7.99)