‘Bomb’ scare after find at Preston park

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A discarded grenade was found in a field in Preston, sparking fears another unexploded bomb had been uncovered.

The item, which was discovered by a metal detector at Avenham Park on Saturday, turned out to be a harmless “rusty” grenade after further investigation.

It comes days after experts carried out a controlled explosion on an unexploded mortar bomb in the same park.

Police initially warned members of the public to stay clear of the area, close to the Old Tram Bridge, following the discovery of “another mortar bomb” but later revealed the object had never posed a threat.

Insp Grant Smith said on Saturday evening: “A metal detector has found an old discarded grenade. It is safe and it is being cleared.

“It is not a bomb but an old, rusty grenade that is inert.”

It is not a bomb but an old, rusty grenade that is inert.

Insp Grant Smith

The area was due to be cleared by 8.30pm.

Last weekend a potentially live mortar bomb was uncovered in the park in similar circumstances.

A cordon was set up in the area while the controlled explosion took place.