Board games and beer on offer at Preston cafe

Dice and Donuts: Millie Lavelle
Dice and Donuts: Millie Lavelle
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A cafe with a twist in the centre of Preston will now offer beer alongside its board games.

Dice and Donuts in Butler Street opened its doors last year, with a library of hundreds of games.

Now the café will serve craft beers and cider after being granted an alcohol licence, and will open late on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve for dozens of people to join in with games.

Millie Lavelle, 35, who came up with the Dice and Donuts idea, said: “It’s always been part of the plan to have not loads of beers and drinks promotions, but a craft beer or a nice alcoholic beverage to sit down and play, because a lot of the games are very grown up.

“In the evening you can sit down and play a game for three to four hours, so the idea was if you’re going to spend a long time, a lot of people enjoy a beer while they do that.

“And we’re going to build up our food menu and board games.”

She said the cafe had a “relaxed” and “casual vibe”, and said: “We’ve have some people who came in before they went on a big night out, they came and played some party games while they waited for their friends. I think it’s because of our location right next to the train station, it’s a good place to sit together and wait for your pals to come along.

“We are not near the busy end of town so it’s a very different sort of atmosphere. It’s more about the time with your friends and a lot of people like to have a beer, rather than come for the beer.”