Blaze rips through roof of Lancashire bungalow

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A blaze ripped through the roof of a bungalow in Lancashire.

Three fire crews raced to Ridge Grove in Heysham at around 10pm on Saturday night following reports of a fire.

Firefighters were faced with a “fully developed” fire on arrival in the loft of a bungalow.

The fire was so severe that flames had broken through the roof and were close to the neighbouring property.

Morecambe fire station’s crew manager Matthew Dorrington said: “The occupants heard banging and popping, due to this they started to investigate the noise, one of the occupiers looked through the loft hatch and was met with a large amount of flames, his quick thinking made him close the hatch and evacuate the house, once the couple were out and in a place of safety they called 999 to alert the fire service.

“On arrival fire crews in breathing apparatus entered the property and started to tackle the fire from the loft hatch, whilst this was happening inside other firefighters were tackling the fire from outside through a large hole in the roof.

“Smoke was issuing from the adjoining house so fire crews forced entry to check the property, although there was no fire in this property it was heavily smoke logged, crews using fans ventilated the house to limit the damage being caused.”

After an initial investigation the cause has been put down to a spotlight/electrical fittings in the bathroom ceiling, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said today.

Crew manager Dorrington added: “The loft area had been used for storage as the majority of properties do to a lesser or greater degree.

“People should use this as a reminder that fires can happen even in rooms that are not used on a daily basis, if you have spotlights in your ceilings they can get hot so please remember to keep the area around them clear.

“The house did have working smoke detectors but they did not actuate until the fire and smoke had broken through the ceiling.

“If you are able to, please have a look in your loft, does it look safe or is it a cause for concern, if so please keep items away from light fittings and other electrical devices you may have in your loft.”

For home fire safety advice you can call the fire service free on 0800 1691125.