Blackpool fairy light joker strikes again

Steves latest design
Steves latest design

A Blackpool joker known for his crude fairy light decorations has used his ‘art’ to  make a political statement.

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Handyman Steve McGawley’s latest display on the wall of his Rodwell Walk house made his opinions on the huge queues caused by roadworks clear with the words ‘TRAFFIC W’ followed by an anchor.

The dad-of-four landed himself in hot water with the police last Christmas due to his ‘offensive’ lights, which consisted of a bell accompanied by the word ‘END’, and a suspiciously-shaped object that Steve at the time insisted was a mushroom.

He later changed the lights to spell out ‘I’M SORRY’.

On Halloween he used the lights to inform trick-or-treaters that he was ‘NOT IN’.

He said: “There are proper tailbacks from about 4pm until 7pm.

“I think it’s a bit silly how they have put every single roadworks all at the same time, and all those people can’t get home when they have got all their kids to pick up.”

The junction of Talbot Square and Blackpool Promenade has been closed as part of the preparation for a £21m tram track extension to North Station. A stretch of Dickson Road has closed for resurfacing.

Meanwhile, Harrowside and Squires Gate bridges are undergoing major repairs.

Blackpool Council has reassured people that the building work will be worth it in the long run.

Steve said: “I know people driving past could see the funny side.

“It was a really good anchor as well - I should have been an artist!”