Biting woman grabs PC’s privates in rage

Scene: The Sumner's pub in Fulwood, Preston
Scene: The Sumner's pub in Fulwood, Preston
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A raging woman who grabbed a policeman’s privates then bit his hand as he tried to pull her away has avoided jail.

Kelly Marie McDonald, 31, of Frenchwood, Preston, went beserk at the Sumner’s pub in Fulwood, Preston, after making accusations about a staff member.

She received a 12-month community order with an order for alcohol treatment after admitting being drunk and disorderly.

She sobbed in the dock at Preston Crown Court as sentencing, Recorder Julian Shaw, referred to her “drunken, loutish, unacceptable behaviour which is frankly becoming very tiresome.”

Prosecuting, Karen Brooks said: “On October 25, just before 8pm at Sumner’s public house, the defendant was in the public house refusing to leave.

“She was very difficult to deal with, swearing and continuing to make allegations against the bar manager.

“She eventually went outside with the officer.

“It was clear she was drunk, she continued to be disorderly, despite warnings to calm down.

“He felt he had no alternative but to arrest her for being drunk and disorderly.

“At that point she became violent. The officer had great difficulty in restraining her. She was continuing to shout and struggle whilst they waited for a police van. That’s when she caused herself some injuries, banging her head against the floor.”

McDonald then grabbed the officer and bit him when he pulled her hand away. She kicked another officer and tried to bite him.

The court heard she was taken to hospital for her head injury, and while in A&E made racist comments about immigrants.

Richard English, defending, said she had suffered lifetime problems with alcohol and controlling her temper, going back to when she was 17.

She was previously jailed in 2008 when convicted of being drunk in charge of children.

The judge said he was sorry she had had a difficult childhood but added: “ If you continue to drink and fight with people you will be locked up and your child will be taken away from you.

“Do you really want that to happen? You have to start taking responsibility for your own actions.”

She was banned from the pub for 12 months.