Bikers show they’re really just very charitable people

Family group: The Millennium 2000 BC members with chairman Martin 'Coach' Dolan front centre
Family group: The Millennium 2000 BC members with chairman Martin 'Coach' Dolan front centre
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With roaring engines and full leathers, members of Lancashire’s Millennium 2000 BC can be seen as intimidating as they roll into town.

But bikers from the South Ribble club see their group as a giant family and insist on spending time raising cash for charities across the region.

And since the club was established in 2000 it has donated almost £20,000 to those in need.

Members have raised thousands each year, helping charities including the Space Centre, St Catherine’s Hospice and the Air Ambulance.

And club chairman Martin Dolan, known to other 
members as “Coach”, said it was committed to helping local causes.

He said: “If you are wearing black leather, your bikes are cruiser type ones and you all ride into a village together, with the noise that can make, I think it can be quite 

“But other people would say it’s great to see that group and the family values that go with that.”

Martin, 49, said: “My whole life revolves around the bike and the brothers and sisters I have in the club.

“Sometimes my grand-
children are neglected 
because of the attention I give to the club members.”

Martin works as a 
psychiatric social worker and said: “Not many people expect that from a biker – it does get a few comments.”

The club collects cash through events held during the year and donates it to local worthy causes.

Martin said: “We’ve just handed over some money to the Space Centre and St Catherine’s, and over the years we have raised money for ththe Air Ambulance, Derian House and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

“We normal hand over between £1,000 and £2,000 a year and over 12 years that’s been quite consistent.”

He said he thought the total raised was “not far off £20,000.”

Martin said the club held an event called the Caveman Bash, a bike rally for about 1,000 bikers.

He said: “We also had two rock nights and the money from the raffle goes to a nominated charity.”

Club rally secretary 
Lorraine Elliott said cash had been raised through car 
parking charges at rallies and also from raffles.

Lorraine, 50, said: “We all have an interest in motor bikes and the biker lifestyle.

“We are all very nice people, despite some of the stereotypes.

“Ever since I was about nine or 10 I’ve always liked motor bikes and planned to get a bike when I was older.

“Currently I’m having a trike built for me because I’ve got some disabilities, so it would be easier for me to have a trike.”

Lorraine, known as 
Zebedee among other members, said: “We are like brothers and sisters and we look out for other people throughout the community with fund-raising.”