Beware of insulation cold callers

Freda Turner has had her home damaged due to poor workmanship from builders.
Freda Turner has had her home damaged due to poor workmanship from builders.
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Homeowners are warned to be wary of cold callers offering free insulation work.

Trading Standards issued advice after Freda Turner of Rutland Street, Preston, said poor workmanship damaged her home.

Mrs Turner, 58, was approached by a door-to-door salesman from Eco Green Renwables (EGR UK) in May last year, offering home improvements free-of-charge under a Government scheme. She agreed to have wall cladding, new windows and a new boiler, but when poor weather set in, she noticed problems.

She said: “Whenever it rains now, my heart sinks. The problem is the cladding, water pours in now and I’ve had to claim on my insurance for new bedroom carpet, new plastering and new wooden floors downstairs.

“The insurance man said it’s down to poor workmanship, but when I’ve tried to get in touch with the company, their phone number and website no longer work.”

St Helen’s Trading Standards, where the company was registered, said EGR UK had gone into liquidation.

Mrs Turner added: “I would warn everyone not to have this work done. It’s not worth all the upset and hassle.”

Dawn Robinson of Lancashire County Council Trading Standards, said: “We’re aware of a number of cases where untrustworthy cold callers have used the Green Deal or the promise of other energy-saving grants to get their foot in the door.

“Their sales pitch makes it sound like you’re getting a good deal but in fact, despite the promise of a grant, they overcharge and do a poor job.”

She added: “Our top piece of advice is never to do business on the doorstep with a cold caller – if someone offers a service you’re interested in ask them to come back another day, check their credentials, and get further quotes and a contract in writing before committing to anything.”