Beverly holds fundraiser for Katy Holmes

Beverly Macca
Beverly Macca
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Fans of television comedy The Royle Family will recognise the name Beverly Macca.

She is the enemy of Denise Best who her husband Dave previously dated and although she is never seen on screen, her name is often mentioned.

The character of Beverly Macca has been brought to life on Facebook and Twitter and she now has more than 3,500 people following her.

Celebrities including Eamonn Holmes, Dame Edna Everidge and Coleen Nolan are among those who follow Beverly.

Paula Holmes, mum of 10-year-old Katy who died of a brain tumour in January, was one of Beverly’s followers and admits that her hilarious antics lifted her mood during some very bleak times.

After hearing about the plight of Katy and her family’s mission to raise funds for research into paediatric brain tumours, Beverly has come on board to support the Katy Holmes Trust as the charity’s Ambassador Of Laughter.

She has also organised An Evening with Beverly Macca on October 4 at Gusto in Wirral with proceeds going to the Katy Holmes Trust.

Beverly said: “We set up the Facebook and Twitter as Beverly Macca as we think it is a funny northern name and we created our own character who works for a fictional pound shop called Pound Paradise and is a tart with a heart.

“I never say I am from the Royle Family, I say I am Beverly Macca, but many people like the fact that I bring a fictional name to life.

“The biggest compliment I have ever been paid is when Paula contacted me and told me about Katy and how Bev’s antics made her smile in the depths of despair.”

The character behind Beverly Macca revealed how their own father died of a brain tumour which made them even more determined to raise funds for the charity.

Tickets to An Evening with Beverly Macca cost £30 and include a drink on arrival and a three-course meal as well and comedy from Beverly Macca.

The £5 profit from each ticket will go directly to the Katy Holmes Trust and there will also be a raffle and auction.

For tickets, e-mail: