Beloved pet cremated instead of being returned to family

Sharon Gregson's dog, Ruby, who was cremated
Sharon Gregson's dog, Ruby, who was cremated
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A Preston woman has been left devastated after her beloved dog was cremated instead of being returned to her for burial.

Sharon Gregson’s dog Ruby was put to sleep at the Clayton-le-Woods branch of Myerscough vets after the cancer she was suffering from spread.

Sharon said: “I went to the vets via the RSPCA in Preston as I have been ill and didn’t have much money.

“I have always paid my vet fees even if it had to be in instalments and they knew my situation from the start.

“After they had put Ruby to sleep they said that I couldn’t have her body back until I paid my bill in full but I was expecting to get her back and do what I always did and pay the remaining fee owed by instalments.”

After Sharon had paid her fees she was told Ruby’s body would be returned to her to be buried. However, shortly afterwards, she received a letter from the vets saying they had cremated her dog.

Sharon said: “They said ‘we are so sorry’ but they’ve cremated her probably with other animals at the same time.

“I am devastated. My dogs are everything to me and now I can’t bury her it hurts so much, I’ve not even been given her collar or blanket back.”

“Ruby was a beautiful dog, a loving playful, cheeky, happy soul who knew me inside out and always comforted me when I was down and protected me and my other dogs without causing any harm to anyone.”

Director of Myerscough Vets Chris Myerscough said: “Because of professional ethics we are unable to discuss individual cases and to do so would be a breach of client confidentiality.

“There are proper channels for reporting any issues a client may have with their veterinary surgeon and we are always happy to help clients use these services.”

He added: “If our client wishes we will work with them in a constructive way to resolve any issues they feel they may have.”