BATTLE AGAINST HATE CRIME: Barriers need to be conquered to help overcome problem

SERIOUS: The fight against hate crime
SERIOUS: The fight against hate crime
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Lewis Turner, project manager at Lancashire LGBT explained that homophobic hate crime is the second most reported hate crime, but he said there are barriers to reporting hate crime.

He said: “There’s a lot of barriers to reporting it, in some areas in Lancashire there’s iniatives where they set up third party agencies where people can go to report it.”

Lewis said sometimes the problems with reporting hate crime can be because the victim don’t see it as something out of the ordiniary and think it’s just ‘part of their life’.

He explains: “With verbal abuse people thinking they won’t report it because they haven’t been hurt, but from Lancashire police’s angle they should report it. They have rolled out a programme where every single officer has had training on it.”

Lewis said hate crime is a “problem everywhere.” But he said: “If figures have gone up I would say it is because confidence in reporting it has increased.”

He added: “We find around 25 per cent who have reported it and they find the person who they think did it the victim then doesn’t attend court.

“It means the perpetrator is getting away with it.

“I think people do these things because they can get away with it.”