Baffled at postbox move

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ROYAL Mail has apologised after two postboxes were removed from Caton and Brookhouse in Lancaster.

Residents were left confused after postboxes in Broadacre, Caton, and Brookhouse Road, Brookhouse, mysteriously disappeared overnight.

Caton resident Martyn Dews said: “A neighbour mentioned that the post box had been removed so I contacted Royal Mail to report it.

“They have been unable to say what has happened to them.

“If it turns out they were approved for removal then that is disappointing as there was no notification and these postboxes are well used.

“Hopefully Royal Mail will provide an explanation soon and maybe they will be replaced.”

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “We would like to apologise to any customers affected by the removal of two postboxes in the villages of Caton at Broadacre and Brookhouse in Brookhouse Road.

“They were both removed after a routine maintenance check revealed they were in need of repair. They were both attached to telegraph poles and we are now in the process of trying to identify alternative sites in the area. We would ask customers to bear with us while we identify suitable sites and follow the installation process, which can take several weeks.

“In the meantime, alternative posting facilities are located at Leslie Avenue for Caton village, less than half a mile away and at Dale View for the Brookhouse postbox, less than half a mile away. There is also a Post Office in Londis.”