Auntie and niece start school together – in the same class

Photo Ian Robinson'From left, Ruby Stephenson, four with her auntie Daisy Wilson, four, who are both in the same reception class in Chorley
Photo Ian Robinson'From left, Ruby Stephenson, four with her auntie Daisy Wilson, four, who are both in the same reception class in Chorley
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Imagine being in the same class at school as your auntie.

For youngsters Daisy Wilson and Ruby Stephenson, not only is this a reality, but a dream come true for the girls who are today beginning their first full day at primary school.

Although the four-year-olds are often mistaken for sisters and even twins, their relationship is actually aunt and niece – and the pair are the best of friends.

Mum and daughter Alison Wilson and Ashley Stephenson both went into labour at the same time four years ago and both gave birth at Royal Preston Hospital.

Alison gave birth to Daisy on April 3 2010 and on April 6 – just 72 hours later – her daughter Ashley gave birth to Ruby making Alison a grandma and little Daisy an aunt at just three-days-old.

Mother and daughter Alison and Ashley were in the same hospital ward with their newborns and even in the next beds to each other.

The two girls have been inseparable ever since and have now started school at St Gregory’s Primary School in Chorley where they are in the same class.

Alison, 43, who lives in Chorley, says she is proud to see both her granddaughter and daughter starting school.

She said: “The last four years have gone so quickly and before you know it, you are at the school gates.”

Ashley, 25, who is married to Mike and also lives in Chorley, said: “It is lovely knowing that Daisy and Ruby have somebody they are close to in the same class.

“They are very close and have always been more like sisters than auntie and niece.”

Both Alison and Ashley have had another daughter each since Daisy and Ruby and all four girls are extremely close and spend a lot of time together.

Alison said: “My little girl Heidi will turn three in October and Ashley had her second daughter Darcy in August last year and she has turned one.

“All four girls are like sisters and love each other and want to play with each other all the time.

“It is difficult for people to understand that Daisy and Heidi are Ruby and Darcy’s aunties!”

Alison, who is married to Chris, says they had always thought Ashley was enough and had put off having another child.

However, after her mum died five years ago, it made Alison re-think life and to get on with it instead of putting everything on the back burner.

She said: “We love our family and think they are all amazing.

“We went on a big family holiday to Haven at Prestatyn Sands last year and stayed in the same caravan.

“It was very hectic but great fun.”

Ashley said: “It is a bit strange Ruby starting school as it means my little girl is growing up.

“I went to the same primary school and some of the same teachers are still there.

“No one get their head round the fact that Daisy and Ruby are auntie and niece – they find it mind-boggling!”