At last bus travellers get shelter from rain

Terry Cartwright celebrates bus shelter victory
Terry Cartwright celebrates bus shelter victory
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A councillor who exposed the farce of the bus stop with no buses has now won an epic battle round the corner over buses with no bus shelter.

Preston independent Terry Cartwright is celebrating after being told passengers in his Deepdale Ward will finally get in from the rain in Holme Slack Lane after decades waiting in the open air.

And traders on the nearby Deepdale Retail Park are said to be delighted that a new shelter could at last make it easier for shoppers on public transport.

“To my knowledge there has never been a bus shelter there since the houses were built - and that was back in the 1920s,” said Coun Cartwright who declared victory after being told the news by County Hall officials.

“The owners of the retail park are paying for it as part of the planning permission granted to the site. So why it has taken so long to get the go-ahead from County Hall is beyond me.”

Last summer Coun Cartwright, who has been campaigning for years for a better deal for bus users in Deepdale, highlighted the strange case of a phantom bus stop and layby at the entrance to the shopping park next door.

Even though contractors spent days constructing the terminus just off Blackpool Road to encourage shoppers to go by bus, neither Stagecoach nor Preston Bus have opted to use it.

Instead the No 14 Brookfield service goes down the side of the retail park where shoppers can disembark and use a new footpath through to the stores.

“I’m disappointed that after all the work and expense that went into the new bus layby, no buses actually use it,” said Coun Cartwright.

“But the No 14 Brookfield service is the next best thing and that goes within a short distance down Holme Slack Lane. With this new shelter there’s a chance more people will decide to go by bus instead of bringing the car and adding to the traffic round there.

“I catch that bus sometimes and a lot of people are confused and don’t seem to know it is handy for the retail park. Maybe it could be put on the destination boards on the buses and at the bus station, like they do with the Asda service.”