Army reorganisation leads to accomodation shortfall

Changes: Fulwood Barracks in Watling Street Road, Preston
Changes: Fulwood Barracks in Watling Street Road, Preston
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Two new accomodation blocks will be built at Fulwood Barracks, if plans are given the green light by Preston Council.

The Ministry of Defence has applied for the development at the Watling Street Road site as part of Project SLAM, a scheme to upgrade single living accomodation throughout the army so that it is fit for the 2020s and beyond.

It is aimed at providing the infrastructure needed to support the Army’s return from Germany, along with basing changes for the army, RAF, Royal Navy and reservists.

A reorganisation means that the 3 Medical Regiment will move from Catterick Garrison to Fulwood and the current unit within Fulwood, the 174 Provost Company, 3 Royal Military Police, will relocate to Donnington Garrison.

The changes mean Fulwood Barracks has a shortfall of 20 senior non-commissioned officers (SNCO) bed spaces.

One of the proposed new blocks will be within close proximity to the existing SNCO mess to house 20 SNCO bed spaces. The other, adjacent to the existing Officers Mess would accommodate 12 senior officers and eight junior officers.

There are also plans to refurbishment of some of the existing accomodation blocks, mainly cosmetic in nature.

An army report states the buildings would “Co-exist to harmonise with and improve the existing context. They will also assist in bringing both short-term and longer term investment to Preston.”

It adds: “The proposed works will also meet the actual and functional requirments of today’s (and tomorrow’s) military challenges, and improve living standards.”

The report states that the works need to be completed by the end of the financial year 2014/15.

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