Appeal after little boy leaves cuddly toy at bowling alley

A bowling alley in Preston has launched a Facebook appeal after a cuddly toy was lost by a young boy with autism.

Wednesday, 8th March 2017, 10:59 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:53 am
The appeal was started after the toy was left behind at MFA Bowlin Greenbank Street

The appeal, which has been shared nearly 500 times, was started after the toy was left behind at MFA Bowl in Greenbank Street last Sunday, 5 March.

The boy's mother told staff her child who has autism was very attached to the bear and was 'distraught' by the loss.

Joe Deaven, supervisor at MFA Bowl said: "The little boy came in with his mum and dad last Sunday. They left at around 5pm but came back after they realised that they'd left behind the boy's jacket and bear.

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"A search of the lanes was made but we only found the jacket. During the search his mum, who was called Emma, told us her child had autism and that he was distraught about losing the bear. She gave us her number but it looks like some of the digits have been written down incorrectly.

"The toy was accidentally picked up by another family who returned it to us on Monday, but sadly we have no way of letting the family know that the toy has been found.

"We'd really like to let them know that the cuddly toy is here and are appealing to the public to share the post so that it can be returned to the little boy."

In their original post to their Facebook page, MFA Bowling said on behalf of the lost toy: "Had a great night over at the bowling alley but I'm missing my owner and I know he will be missing me too!

"I was left here yesterday by a young autistic boy, he is around six years old, he came bowling with me and his parents and his mum's name is Emma, if anyone can find my owner it will be great help.

"Please could you help me by liking and sharing my story!"

Anybody with information can contact MFL Bowl on 0843 290 8936