Anti-gay leaflets condemned as ‘very extreme’ by Vicar

Preston Pride on the Flag Market
Preston Pride on the Flag Market
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Leaflets describing homosexuality as a “sickness” have been condemned as “threatening and frighening” by a leading clergyman.

The pamphlets, distributed during the Preston Pride festival last weekend, are being investigated by police in the city.

Officers say they are keen to speak to those responsible, even though they suspect the material does not break the law.

But the Vicar of Preston, Fr Timothy Lipscomb, said the leaflet was “very extreme 

“It goes into details we don’t really want to talk about,” he said. “It also takes things out of context from both the Old and New Testaments.

“Anyone receiving this would find it quite threatening and frightening.”

Police are trying to trace the origin of the fliers which were pushed through doors in the city to coincide with the Pride carnival.

“We are aware of a number of leaflets that have been distributed,” said a spokesman for Lancashire Constabulary.

“But at this stage we are satisfied that no offences have been committed, although we do recognise that some people may have found the content offensive and upsetting. We have completed a number of incident reports and we will continue to monitor the 
situation and hopefully identify the individuals responsible for delivering them with a view to discussing the impact the leaflets have had.”

The leaflets, which say homosexual is immoral and not natural, were handed to police by organisers of the festival. Officers were also alerted by members of the public who found the material offensive.

Chairman Steve Griffin, who suspected they were the work of religious extremists, said his events had been targeted in the past.

He said: “Obviously it’s upsetting. I understand there are laws we need to follow.

“But what would happen if we went round and stood outside their church and said that religion was wrong?

“It’s not the first time something like this has happened. They think the gay lifestyle is wrong. But what is interesting is they always seem to quote the Old Testament. If they quoted the New Testament, they’d see that it says ‘love thy neighbour.’”