Anti-frack campaigner goes on strike

PROTEST: Gazyer Frackman
PROTEST: Gazyer Frackman
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A Fylde campaigner has launched a Downing Street hunger strike in a bid to persuade Prime Minister David Cameron to halt fracking.

Gayzer Frackman, who has in the past staged several protest walks to Westminster said he wanted to highlight the health issues surrounding the shale gas industry.

The Lytham resident said he will be sitting opposite Downing Street with his protest banners and a spare chair for the Prime Minister without food for as long as possible.

He said the symbolic protest was to show how the pursuit of fracking was making Great Britain sick.

And he said he was also protesting at the Government’s action in overruling local planning decisions on the separate gas storage plans made for Preesall, a precedent he says which shows the same could happen for fracking.

An open letter was handed into Downing Street informing the Prime Minister of this action and inviting him to come outside and speak to Gayzer and explain why he wants to make Lancashire the fracking capital of Europe.

He said he will be staying with sympathisers at Balcombe where fracking protests have also taken place and he would be travelling in every day to continue his vigil.

He said: “I am doing this to try to end fracking as soon as possible.

“I think it will be stopped but the Government and Cuadrilla with this appeal are dragging it all out.

“Many of the people on the Fylde who are fighting this are sick, some fighting life-threatening illnesses.

“They should be allowed a quality of life without the constant worry of fracking blighting their lives. I want it ending now.”

He said the question now was how sick would David Cameron want to see Gayzer Frackman or Great Britain before he stopped the suffering.

No one from Cuadrilla was available for comment.