Another part of bus station is closed

Preston bus station after wind damage
Preston bus station after wind damage
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A FURTHER part of Preston bus station has been closed as a result of high winds

The western side facing Tithebarn Street and the city centre is already closed after eight large panes were dislodged on Sunday, and is due to remain closed into the New Year.

Stands 68-78 on the eastern side were also closed from 2pm today after an assessment by surveyors found problems with the window frames.

Lancashire County Council is planning to carry out repairs as soon as possible to allow the eastern side to fully reopen on Tuesday.

Station staff have been working closely with transport operators over recent days to keep all buses running, and services are expected to continue uninterrupted despite the further closure.

Passengers are asked to seek out station staff who will be on hand to redirect them, and look out for information on a temporary board which is due to be put up soon.

Pedestrian access from the city centre is currently only possible through the subways and buses are operating only from the available stands on the eastern side of the station.

Phil Barrett, director of community services, said: “We’re sorry for the further inconvenience to passengers and operators as a result of the need to temporarily close further stands, but safety must be our top priority.

“Following the damage caused by the very high winds last weekend we have carried out a detailed survey and found that some work is needed to replace parts of the windows on the eastern side of the station.

“The western side, where panes were blown out, will need more extensive work and this side of the station will remain closed into the New Year.

“We’re hoping to be able to carry out work to get the eastern side of the station fully open again on Tuesday morning.

“I’d like to thank the bus station users for their cooperation, and bus operators and our station staff for responding so well to the challenges of the last few days to keep services running.”