Angry Preston residents blast Lancashire County Council for needless roadworks

'NOT NEEDED': Peter Lee and Jahangir Huzzain with the crumbling new road surface
'NOT NEEDED': Peter Lee and Jahangir Huzzain with the crumbling new road surface
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Marian and Peter Lee of St Francis Close, Fulwood, Preston, were horrified after discovering road repairs by LCC contractors had actually created potholes on their road.

Peter, 69, said: “It is absolutely appalling, there was nothing wrong with the road at all.

“They have made it worse than it was before – it is a waste of council money.

“They have made pot holes, they have stained and filled in part of a cobbled speed bump and the workers haven’t cleaned up, they just left.”

But the council defended their decision to re-
surface the road and revealed the roadworks will save money in the long term.

Paul Dunne, Lancashire County Council highways manager for Preston, revealed the work is necessary to prevent further disruption and future damage.

He said: “Resurfacing the road with two thin layers is a low cost treatment and is designed to protect the road surface from wear and improve skid resistance, and can be done relatively quickly.

“This reduces the impact to residents and will extend the life of the road for many years reducing the need for excavation and resurfacing with associated disruption.”

The Lees’ cul-de-sac is not the only area targeted by the council as many other roads off Sherwood Way, Fulwood have been re-surfaced.

But 67-year-old Marion believes the council should be focusing their attention on the city centre.

She said: “They started work on St Claire’s and then they came to our road.

“This is needless work, our road did not need re-surfacing and now it is a mess.

“Why are the council repairing our road when there are loads of potholes in Preston city centre?”

And Peter also believes the work will affect the area’s drainage system.

He said: “If any work needed doing it is on the footpath.

“Our footpath is low next to the drain and that needed raising.

“The re-surfacing has gone over onto the curb and it just looks a mess. It’s an abomination.”

But the Council revealed they are planning on clearing the excess chippings and will monitor the area.

Highways manager Dunne said: “Once completed the surface is monitored and excess chippings are swept.”