Angry letter raises question over number of charity shops

Integrate charity shop in Liverpool Road, Penwortham
Integrate charity shop in Liverpool Road, Penwortham
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A row has broken out over the opening of a new charity shop in Penwortham.

Integrate Preston and Chorley, which works with people with learning difficulties, recently opened in a former children’s ware shop in Liverpool Road.

This week an anonymous letter to the manager was posted through the door, accusing the shop of ruining the tone of the area with “tatty” exterior sign, and “cheap” window sign advertising jeans at £1.50, which the author claims “has probably reduced the value of my house by several thousand pounds.”

The Higher Penwortham area, where some house are for sale for over £1m, already had two charity shops before Integrate opened.

Peter Green of Integrate said: “We were quite appalled when we received the letter on Wednesday morning, but we’ve been overwhelmed by the support we have been shown since.

“We had no idea posting the letter to our Facebook page would create such interest. We’ve even been contacted by people in America.”

He added: “We know the sign at the front isn’t the best, but it’s temporary and a proper one is on order.

“If the complainer had left their details, we could have gone and explained it all to them.

“Over all the reception to the shop has been very positive.”

Penwortham Councillor Keith Martin said: We have lost a lot of keystone shops in the area, once you start to lose them you lose a reason to shop on your local high street because the choice isn’t there.

“At the moment it appears that charity shops are the only ones opening up because they get discounted rates.”

One nearby resident, who asked not to be named, said: “I think it’s an awful thing to do, and if you are going to complain you should put your name to it, however, the number of charity shops on Liverpool Road does need monitoring.”