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Preston’s university has written itself into its own record books.

The University of Central Lancashire has become the first higher education institution to join Pennies from Heaven (PFH), a coin collection giving scheme for employees.

Changes to the payroll system mean that around 3,000 academics and service workers can have their net salaries rounded down to the nearest pound on a monthly basis.

The most anyone can give a month is 99p or £11.88 per annum.

The annual amount raised could be more than £5,000, including Gift Aid, ia quarter of the UCLan staff opt into the scheme.

The plan is to use the scheme to support local charities with a link to the university.

The Abaseen Foundation will be the first to benefit.

This is linked to Dr Nicola Lowe’s research to develop healthcare and education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

The charity was founded in 2001 by a UCLan employee to support education and healthcare development in rural NW Pakistan.