Action hosts Magic Numbers a year on (gallery)

Pop crooners the Magic Numbers laid on a very special show on Monday night in the city's premier independent music store, Action Records - exactly a year to the day since they last appeared there.

Fans came from as far away as France to cram into the tiny Church Street store for the intimate acoustic gig as the Numbers made it an enchanted evening for one little girl and her brother.

The brother-and-sister band - Romeo and Michele Stodart and Sean and Angela Gannon - renewed their acquaintance with their biggest fans, six-year-old Anna Callagher and her brother George, aged seven.

Anna was pictured with the group on the front page of the Evening Post after their gig last year. Now it was brother George's turn to pose with them.

Singer Romeo made their night by dedicating a delicate rendition of their hit "Forever Lost" to the youngsters. Mum Tania said: "They were just beaming.

"Anna was so chuffed and George is as well. They have both got a copy of the album. Anna was even playing along on her guitar."

Their last gig at Action came the day after their British tour ended and the day before they jetted out to America. Although extremely tired, Preston clearly made an impression.

Romeo said: "We were on our last legs that day! We hadn't slept and we'd been drinking all the time. But we just had a really good time here. Everyone was singing along."

After the last gig, the band even went shopping in the store and they planned to do so again this time. Angela said: "You can find such obscure things in little record shops - and they're always playing your favourite song on the CD player."

Action Records owner Gordon Gibson said: "That was fantastic. That's the first time we've ever had an encore at an instore appearance like this."