A true mini adventure

Pattie Boyd in London's West End wearing a mini skirt
Pattie Boyd in London's West End wearing a mini skirt
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Fifty years ago this week, mothers everywhere were shocked as their daughters donned the latest fashion of the time…the mini skirt. 50 years on and the mini is still going strong.

Models and a Yorkshire Terrier presenting creations by the designer Mary Quant in 1966, as the British designer, widely credited with popularising the mini skirt has recalled its “feeling of freedom and liberation” 50 years after she took the fashion world by storm.

Girls in mini skirts parading the streets of London holding placards in support of the mini skirt

Girls in mini skirts parading the streets of London holding placards in support of the mini skirt

This week the hems were high and fringes were low at the Preston Playhouse as the cast of A slice of Saturday Night relived the heady days of the 1960s.

But while miniskirts may continue to draw shock, and admiring glances, Adrienne Haythornehite, 79, (right) can remember wearing the iconic items when she was modeling in the 1950s.

The Accrington pensioner says: “First to wear the mini skirt was the model Twiggy and second to wear it was me.

“The skirts were as short as today’s shorts.

“One of the first mini skirts I owned was a yellow one; it was also around the time when tights came out and semi-flared skirt styles also came out.

“I did cause a lot of commotion as people would stare at me on the street.

“I remember one time when a man was focusing his attention on me and not the roads, which caused him to drive straight into a lamppost!”

Mary Quant, who made mini skirts popular, says she liked her skirts short as it gave her the freedom to be able to run and catch the bus to go to work, making fashion practical for modern women.

As we mark the 50-year anniversary of the mini skirt, is it correct to say that mini skirts are still as popular and practical as they were back then?

Melaniya Deselice, owner of Coco Booon Cannon Street Preston, added: “Mini skirts are staple pieces and I can’t imagine they will ever go out of fashion.

“In regards to being practical I would say customers would much rather buy short dresses and jumpsuits, simply because it is much easier to buy something which makes a whole outfit.

“People find it easier buying these pieces rather than separates, as they don’t need to worry about what to wear with the skirts.

“I don’t think the weather really affects whether people wear mini skirts, if anything people can pair them up with tights.

“More often than not girls will wear tights in the summer too, just because they don’t like their legs or that it’s cold.

“Skorts (below) are the modern take on the mini skirt or the updated version of it.

“They are shorts, which look like mini skirts and have a wrap front which creates mystery in where the shorts and skirt part combine.

“When we had the matching sets of tops and skorts, they were really really popular and the stock just flew out.

“Although sales on these are now slowing down it is probably because nearly everyone must a pair of them by now.”

Mahaim Saud, fashion journalism student at UCLan and style blogger, says the style will run and run.

“Mini skirts have always been around and are constantly being updated and always will. I think there’s a thin line between looking cool in one and looking slightly ‘hooker-ish’.

“I bought a black leather mini skirt the other day from H&M which looks tacky if worn with bare legs, but looks good when worn with tights.”

Fashion students from Preston’s College, Bethany Bailey and Frances Perry, says everyone should have a miniskirt in her wardrobe.