A song for Sir Tom

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A pair of Preston musicians and business partners have paid tribute to the city’s late great son Sir Tom Finney in song.

Known as The Hawthorns, Mark Collins and Glynn Parkinson of GreenSchemes Garden Design and Construction, are hopeful their tune ‘Finney’s Lilywhites’ will be enjoyed by fans and help draw attention to one of the football icon’s favourite causes the Alzheimer’s

Photo Lindsey North Sir Tom Finney supporting PNE in the play offs

Photo Lindsey North Sir Tom Finney supporting PNE in the play offs


Mark, 35, said: “We came up with the idea a few weeks ago, and the song was intended to be for Sir Toms 92nd birthday in April.

“We thought it would be fitting if we recorded the song with some revised lyrics and music.”

The Preston North End supporting pair, who usually play music just for friends and family, wrote a new verse, along with a few other changes, and posted the song on YouTube, where it has already received more than 1,200 views.

Glynn, 35, said: “We have never done a folk type song before, but we felt the slightly old fashioned nature of the music would go well for the tribute.

“We considered removing the cheerful accordion section, but in the end decided to keep it in as we wanted the song to be a celebration of Sir Tom’s amazing life.”

The lads hope everyone who has been moved by the passing of Sir Tom will enjoy the tune and consider making a small donation to the Alzheimer’s Society.