A rollercoaster of happiness and fear

Richard Clark from Penwortham
Richard Clark from Penwortham
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Dad-of-two Ric Clark, 33, from Penwortham, told the Evening Post how he discovered he was battling cancer while training for a triathlon. In this column, he talks about how a wonderful weekend in the sun with friends and family ended with a worrying development.

This week has been a bit of a roller coaster to say the least. To begin with I finished my chemo medication on Thursday, which I felt fantastic about it.

On Thursday afternoon I visited my friend who was having chemo and we chatted and played some games. She is so strong and I wish for her to beat her cancer although she has struggled over the past week.

I try to be supportive and we plan to have a night out.

On Friday at work, everyone joined in our Gluten Free day to raise awareness for the Coeliac Awareness Week, and the Sports and Social committee provided some Gluten Free treats.

I had the weekend to look forward to and the weather was looking good.

I spend the day with the boys and we spent most of the day outside, I was full of energy from finishing chemo so tidied up the garden and played with the boys before heading off to a birthday party.

In the late afternoon our four friends from Wales came to visit and they brought their children too.

It was really good to see our pals and good to spend some time with them.

They were amazed at how well I was doing, they joked that I was looking so good that they didn’t believe that I had cancer .

My response is that I don’t let it affect me and that I just carry on as much as normal – why worry about something you have no control over and let the drugs/chemo do its work?

After a slow Sunday morning, one of my friends and I decided to go for a run, we ended up doing 7 miles around Penwortham, she is training for a half marathon.

She showed me a strength I didn’t know she had, and although it was a hot day she just kept going, took all I threw at her in her stride and continued on.

Monday I had my CT Scan at the hospital to see how the tumour had reacted to the Chemo, I won’t get the results until Friday or early next week.

That night I became a little anxious as I found a lump in my chest. For some reason this has scared me more than initially finding out about cancer.

I just feel at the moment like things are going wrong, but at the same time I feel great, best I have done in some time.