A risky but fun cocktail of booze, students, music and roller skates...

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The Superfunk roller disco at UCLan’s student union, 53 Degrees, was a night filled with elaborate 80s fashion, old school disco anthems and the surprising combination of a student-priced bar and students on skates... See how our reporter, Deborah Moules, survived the night

Upon arrival, the venue on Brook Street, Preston, seemed popular with excited students queuing to relive their favourite childhood pastime for the night, sharing this nostalgic moment with their newly-formed friendships.

Matt Samson, Daryl Sholery, Chantelle Martin, Sarah Knowles and Jessica Hobley

Matt Samson, Daryl Sholery, Chantelle Martin, Sarah Knowles and Jessica Hobley

The bold came in fancy dress as if they were from the 
extravagant previous era, 
others came dressed up as if they were hitting the town, and the non-adventurous came in casual everyday attire.

But everyone came wanting to have a wheely good time.

Stepping inside the main room, it was like queuing for a theme park ride.

The line of eager partakers were joyfully singing 
simultaneously along to the forgotten cheesy classics of the 80s and 90s.

Health and safety warning boards distracted your 

Then, a sheet was presented to sign your life away and a steward strapped safety pads to your hands.

Next, shoes off and roller blades on.

The bar was swamped with nervously skating students ordering a glass of Dutch courage before braving the rink.

However, the only risky cocktail being served was the mix of students, roller blades and booze!

As one girl said: “I don’t know how they’ve got the 
insurance for this!”

Looking around, the talent was scarce.

Even sitting on the 
sofas and scanning the venue was like watching a comedy sketch.

A couple of people were storming around and spinning, but the majority on the rink were unsteady and flapping like a fish out of water.

It was a whirl of colours.

Both boys and girls wore a combination of green wigs, bright pink headbands, flared neon orange jumpsuits, Lycra leggings with leg warmers and fluorescent jewellery.

Your eye didn’t know where to focus.

Members of the mobile roller disco hire team, Superfunk, were constantly helping people back on to their feet.

It was like the domino 

One went down, dragging another down, creating a 
traffic jam, and suddenly a pile of people would be sat on the floor in stitches.

The atmosphere was fun and friendly. People would end up talking to each other about their common lack of skating skills.

No-one felt embarrassed. Everyone, from the horrendous skaters to the pros, the boys and girls, all joined in.

The general attitude was ‘give it a go’ and everyone had a blast laughing at themselves and others around them.

It was a fantastic alternative night out.

For more information on up-and-coming events, visit www.53degrees.net.