A pair tried in The Pear Tree

The Pear Tree
The Pear Tree
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But if my wits had been about me in friendly Bamber Bridge pub it could have been a trio

I am nothing if not slow on the uptake and so, blessed also with the peripheral vision of a cyclops, it would be fair to say quite a bit gets by me.

Thus it came to pass that a rare opportunity to try the whole cask offer of a pub – The Pear Tree in Bamber Bridge – within the space of two rounds was missed earlier this week.

For £3 three one-third pints were mine for the taking and, based on the two big pots I unwittingly had ,the experience would have been one to savour.

Spacious and spotless but relaxed all the same a first visit to this friendly Station Road pub for yours truly and, based on the food and drink brought out, I am confident it will not be my last.

Anyhow, first up before repairing to the sunlit beer garden (accessed via a sturdy covered smoking area which will be manna from heaven for we tobaccophiles come the dark months, a pint of Triple Blond from Peerless of Birkenhead.

A perfect pick-me up for the weather, this pale hoppy drop smelled sweet as cut grass on the way in and left my tongue a bitter note of farewell on its way out.

A bright thin head covered a smooth but not quite flat body and the whole was frighteningly easy to demolish.

Indeed, unless I am much mistaken at least a half of it simply evaporated.

Next up, in honour of the remarkable sunny weather we have lately enjoyed, a pint of British Summer. It proved a match made in heaven.

A great pint, my pick of the sunny season so far, hats off to the brains behind Brains, a Cardiff brewer.

Rich golden with a subtle honey and lemon tang on the nose, I could quite happily have sniffed the stuff for an hour before tucking in.

Didn’t, obviously. Managed about two seconds, and a clean but full sweet malt flavour was my reward. Slipped away like cool milk. Great beer.

It was during this sip, by the way, that the three for £3 caught my eye. Upon hearing me verbally kick myself, the barman was decent enough to pull me a drop of the special Brazilian cask which had only just missed my two pint cut.

Another peach of an ale from The Pear Tree.

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