10,000 turn out for Behind the Badge event

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More than 10,000 visitors turned out for the Lancashire Constabulary ‘Behind The Badge’ events at Police HQ in Hutton over the weekend.

The two-day free event saw the police force open its doors and exhibit what they do best from dog agility courses to 
police displays, and helicopter landing to a look back at the history of policing.

Behind the Badge Police event at Lancashire Constabulary headquarters in Hutton Ryan Bretherton

Behind the Badge Police event at Lancashire Constabulary headquarters in Hutton Ryan Bretherton

One of the most impressive tents over the weekend allowed visitors to see how the force links together from the crime scene through to prosecution.

Chief Constable Steven Finnigan said: “Most of the time people only see the uniformed officers out on the beat or driving around in the cars responding to calls but we do so much more than that.

“And the feedback has been marvellous, even some of our staff have had their eyes opened to the range of stuff we do,” he added.

“There has been a real ‘wow’ factor for our visitors, as I walked round people told me, ‘I just didn’t know you did that’ and it has been great to see all the youngsters walking around in their own small versions of the uniform, too. Our purpose is to keep people safe from harm and we’re trying to explain to people how we do that, what goes on behind the scenes and let them see the much-less visible stuff that either they don’t notice or we don’t want them to see.

“The main reason for having these open days is to engage more with the public.

“We want to share some of our dilemmas with the public and ask them what they want us to do and what services would help. Up to 2017 we have to take out a further £20m, so we would like to hear what the public would like and days like these are ideal places to be open and honest with them.

“Staging these events obviously costs a lot of money and people will be wondering if it is coming out of the taxpayer’s pocket but, the real nice irony is that it has all been paid for by the Proceeds of Crime Act, so all the horrible people who we lock up and have taken their assets from have paid for the weekend.”