Zumba dance class takes over Leyland Bride’s wedding reception

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A Zumba-mad bride got the surprise of her life when her class took over the big day.

Unbeknown to the now Emma Jones, 28, from Leyland, close friend Katherine Nelson had arranged for their Zumba teacher, Mata Staratakou, to lead a couple of numbers during their evening reception at Bartle Hall on January 31.

Emma Jones at her wedding surprised by zumba instructor

Emma Jones at her wedding surprised by zumba instructor

Katherine, also 28, from Leyland, said: “We started going to classes in September last year and Emma, due to her dancing background, picked it up in no time at all.

“She went to get in shape for the wedding and I just tagged along for fun.”

The pair, who have been friends since they were 11 years old, loved Zumba so much that they soon went from attending one class a week, at Leyland Leisure Centre, to two additional ones at Bamber Bridge.

And a week before the wedding, Emma contacted their teacher, Mata, to arrange a surprise.

“Of course I wanted to do it for Emma,” said Mata. “She is one of my best girls in the class. It was a great pleasure to do and I was so happy when I saw Emma’s face – we didn’t even let the groom know!”

After the couple had their first dance, the DJ announced there was a surprise for the newlyweds.

“While they were doing their first dance, I was outside the door with Mata,” said Katherine.

“When Emma saw her, her mouth just fell open – it was brilliant. And Ryan was completely shocked too.

“I think he thought he was about to be roped into doing it too.”

And with Emma’s Zumba-buddies invited to the wedding, the group followed Mata’s instruction, dancing for 20 minutes to salsa tracks and uptown funk that Mata described as a “class favourite”.

Emma said: “I was so shocked that Kat and Mata had gone to all of the effort to give me such a wonderful surprise.

“I didn’t have a clue and it meant the world to me that Mata could be there.

“I love her classes so much and even my little girl calls me the Zumba Queen.

“I would like to thank them for making my day even more memorable.”