Your wedding: Anna Marchant & Rick Hirst

Anna Marchant & Rick Hirst PHOTOS: Nichola Morton -
Anna Marchant & Rick Hirst PHOTOS: Nichola Morton -
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“We would full recommend doing a six-week turnaround,” says Anna Marchant, who, along with Rick Hirst, fell in love with Eaves Hall,

Clitheroe, as their reception venue as soon as they saw it.

Anna Marchant & Rick Hirst PHOTOS: Nichola Morton -

Anna Marchant & Rick Hirst PHOTOS: Nichola Morton -

The couple, who planned their wedding in just six weeks, only got engaged three months before their big day.

“Rick woke me up really early on Christmas morning last year,” says Anna, an arts manager originally from Hampshire.

“He was stupidly excited and kept switching off the light and messing with the bedroom curtains, which seemed very odd.”

When Anna went to the window and looked outside a large wire parcel made of fairy lights was sat on the lawn.

“I thought Rick had bought me a bike, so when he told me to go down to the garden I was excited.”

Once dressed, Anna and Rick went to the back door where Rick, a systems test engineer from Chorley, blindfolded Anna.

The couple arrived at the shed and Anna’s blindfold was removed. “Sat in front of me was a large silver box, not the bike I was expecting,” says Anna.

“As I unwrapped the parcel an amazing glow emitted from the box, which was filled with red and white balloons and fairy lights.”

Anna rummaged through the box, not knowing what she was looking for before Rick cut one of the balloons free and stepped out of the shed.

“As I turned around, Rick was on one knee and behind him was the most enormous sparkly hearts made of fairy lights on the grass.”

Rick popped the balloon, showering confetti everywhere and, with a ring in hand, asked Anna to marry him. “The whole proposal was utterly amazing – made all the more romantic by the spectacular array of clothes I was wearing; a spotty 
onesie, dressing gown, hat, scarf, boots, and, of course, a massive smile.”

The couple were married at St John’s Evangelical Church, Whittle-le-Woods, on April 12.

“Amazingly Eaves Hall had one Saturday free in the whole of 2014 so we decided to go for it,” says Anna. “I don’t think our guests could believe we managed to pull it all together in such a short time.”

Scipio Mosley played classical Spanish guitar to escort the bridal party into the church.“The minute he started to play it made me cry, which I was not expecting to do,” adds Anna.

Following the ceremony. Rick surprised his bride with a VW Campervan to take them from the church to their reception, where Lottie Hodgson’s Jazz trio welcomed their with a performance.

“It made you feel like you had just stepped into the Great Gatsby,” says the new Mrs Hirst.

“We had opted for art deco-themed invitations and place settings, so it all went together really well.”

“In the evening musicians played, magicians wowed guests and a photo booth provided many laughs well into the evening.

“I don’t think we would have been able to plan the wedding in six weeks nor had such a memorable day had we held the wedding somewhere else,” say the newlyweds.

“All of our guests said it felt like they were guests in our county home for the weekend.”